Cloth Hanger for Balcony in New Delhi


Cloth Hanger for Balcony in New Delhi


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Cloth Hanger for Balcony in New Delhi :

Cloth Hanger for Balcony in New Delhi : A Balcony Ceiling Pulley System is a traditional and widely used method for drying clothes in India. It is a simple yet effective solution for maximizing space and efficiently drying your laundry. Here are some more details about this system:


The Balcony Ceiling Pulley System consists of a set of pulleys, ropes, and clotheslines. The pulleys are typically attached to the ceiling of your balcony or veranda using screws or hooks. The number of pulleys used depends on the size of the area and the length of clotheslines required.


Once installed, you can attach clotheslines to the pulleys. These clotheslines are usually made of strong, durable materials like nylon or steel. You can raise or lower the clotheslines by pulling on the ropes connected to the pulleys. This allows you to adjust the height of the clotheslines according to your needs.

Space Efficiency:

The Balcony Ceiling Pulley System is particularly advantageous for small or narrow balconies where floor space is limited. By utilizing the vertical space, you can dry your clothes without cluttering the available area. It also helps to prevent clothes from obstructing the view or causing inconvenience on the balcony.


The system can accommodate multiple clotheslines, allowing you to hang a significant amount of laundry at once. You can separate different types of clothes or allocate specific lines for different family members.

Durability and Stability:

The pulleys used in this system are designed to withstand the weight of wet clothes and the tension of the ropes. It is important to ensure that the pulleys are securely fixed to the ceiling to provide stability and prevent accidents.


The Balcony Ceiling Pulley System offers convenience by eliminating the need for portable drying racks or clotheslines that take up floor space. It allows your clothes to dry naturally with good airflow and sunlight exposure.


This system is generally cost-effective and requires minimal investment. The components are readily available at hardware stores or can be purchased online.


Regular inspection and maintenance of the pulleys and ropes are recommended to ensure smooth operation and longevity of the system. Lubricating the pulleys periodically can help prevent friction and ensure ease of movement.

Overall, the Cloth Hanger for Balcony New Delhi or Balcony Ceiling Pulley System is a practical and space-saving solution for drying clothes in Balcony in New Delhi and other parts of India. It offers a traditional yet efficient way to utilize your balcony space effectively while allowing your clothes to dry naturally.


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