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UNIK..Cloth Drying Roof Hanger is best solution for drying wet clothes in balcony roof area.

Roof hanger is designed so that each rod can be lowered to hang wet clothes and rise to the roof.
(Pulley operated cloth drying system).

  •   lt creates moving space in your balcony and allows ventilation, contributes good hygiene
  •    Protects clothes from colour fading due to direct sunlight (sun free dry ) enhances life of your clothes.
  •    Gain privacy to your clothes by drying indoor.
  •    Protects your clothes from rust stains due to usage of stainless steel rods.
  •    Easy to operate evan by kids,house wive’s, servants and senior citizens.
  •    Clothes will never sags, creases & folds, clips not required Suitable for flats, Apartments, bungalows, hotels, hostels etc.
  •    Protect your cloths from sudden rains and scattering winds by using Unik cloth drying roof hangers
  •    Enhances beauty of your house by avoiding outside clothes drying.
  •    Looks tidy and elegant and represents by luxury accessory.

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