Cloth Drying Hangers Delhi :

Unik Hangers Cloth Drying Hangers Delhi – Drying clothes is now faster and easier with this attractive, large cloth dryer from Unik Hangers. Providing an effective household solution, this dryer has been designed to have sufficient spaces and lines, which can be used for different garments. Place it anywhere in your home balcony or dry area, as it compact shape allows it to fit easily in your home. This product is a multipurpose addition for urban homes. The cloth drying hanger features multiple options to dry your apparel, intimates and other cloth items within the comfort of your home, It is made from stainless steel. High Quality material for giving a conveniently robust solution to you.

Fulfilling requirements of the customer associated with 3 rod & 6 rod Cloth Drying Hangers in Delhi, Aluminum Full Band Cloth Drying Stand, Skylift Cloth Drying hanger, and much more, we, Unik Hangers, have become a well-known enterprise. As a manufacturer and wholesaler, we have been successful in exceeding the expectations of customers. The products we supply are known for robust manufacturing, innovative designs, specifications, and many more impressive attributes. Besides this, the price which we charge for our creations is reasonable and matchless in the market.

These Cloth Drying Hangers Delhi Come with different variants :
3 Rods set (Small Size)
cloth drying hangers delhi

Length ✕ No. of Rods

3 Ft. ✕ 3 Rods
4 Ft. ✕ 3 Rods
5 Ft. ✕ 3 Rods
6 Ft. ✕ 3 Rods
7 Ft. ✕ 3 Rods
8 Ft. ✕ 3 Rods

6 Rods set (Big Size)

Length ✕ No. of Rods

3 Ft. ✕ 6 Rods
4 Ft. ✕ 6 Rods
5 Ft. ✕ 6 Rods
6 Ft. ✕ 6 Rods
7 Ft. ✕ 6 Rods
8 Ft. ✕ 6 Rods

If you want to buy 6 Rod set buy anyone 3 Rod set and get two 3 Rod sets or one 6 Rod set.
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